martedì 10 febbraio 2015

Fungus King unlocked!

ALL HAIL THE FUNGUS KING!!! This 54mm monster of a mini has just been unlocked and is now included FREE with all pledges of Lord of Fungus and higher. Other backers may add him on for $8.00 per figure.
The background of the Fungi Kings When a mushroom man reaches over 100 years of age, his body becomes hard as timber. Sometimes, a creature of this age matures into a Fungi King.Like most of their customs, the fungi folk have adopted the term ‘king’ from the neighboring humans, whose culture they mimic.As it happens with human kings, Fungi Kings can get drawn into squabbles and power struggles with other Fungi leaders. Fungi Kings are efficient leaders, supplementing their natural power with more than a few magical tricks and a deep understanding of the Fungus Folk mindset. Most of the Fungi kings can be found in the Growth, an area of the Vale that is completely covered with all manners of mushroom. The oldest King is Nemedah the Wise, the leader of the Autumn Folk, who resides in the August Palace at the center of the Autumn Folk forest. Nemedah believes that peace fosters growth. Some Autumn Folk consider his leadership too soft, especially those concerned with the rising of the Rotten Hearts.Many disgruntled Fungi Folk have accepted the leadership of Elara Kay, a Fungus Amazon who evolved into a very human-like appearance and has ties with human diplomats from the Southern Kingdoms. Nemedah does not appear to resent this, but it cannot be denied that some conflict exists. Only time will tell if this rivalling leadership will create more than just political squabbles and degenerate into a full-blown civil war. There is still 5 days to join the Mushroom Movement.

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