lunedì 1 giugno 2009

Song of the Splintered Lands available at Origins!

SONG OF THE SPLINTERED LANDS, a supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes joint-produced by Ganesha Games and Splintered Light Miniatures, will be available as a printed book at Splintered Light Miniatures' booth at Origins 2009 (Columbus, OH, June 24th-28th). The author John McBride will run games of SSL every day.

The book includes:

Campaign Rules for two different rebellion scenarios and for
building and defending a ‘strategic hamlet” in disputed territory;

More Fog of War with rules for variable strength warbands
and variable missions with dummy markers and scouting;

Cultural Background for the Druid’s Wyldewood, the dwarves of
Mountain Home, and the goblin races of Moonglade;

New Races including the Druid’s Children -- talking and tool-using
animal species including hares, hedgehogs, moles, shrews, squirrels,
foxes, and others;

New Special Rules including scouting, deafness, ballistas, beasts of war and bodyguards;

New Terrain, particularly defensive works of wood and dirt including
ditches, stockades, and log buildings;

And More!

Kid friendly, this is a great game system for father/son (or parent/child) gaming. Prizes for all participants.

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