domenica 24 agosto 2008

Ganesha to publish Song of Arthur and Merlin

The Once and Future King comes to Song of Blades*

Arthurian author/wargamer Daniel Mersey (who, among other things, collaborated on the Warhammer Age of Arthur book and wrote the Glutter of Ravens rules) and Ganesha Games have agreed on publishing a Song of Arthur and Merlin supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes. Daniel has already written an outline of the book which has been greenlighted. For more about Daniel, visit

The book will feature three playable versions of the Arthurian myth: a Dark Age historical Arthur, the Arthur of Welsh myth, and the Arthur of Hollywood. The major characters, magic items and creatures will all be featured. The book will be about 40 pages, illustrated by Andrea Sfiligoi (who will also act as rules supervisor) and will likely be on sale as a pdf for $9 and as a print-on-demand book through
Note that this will be an official Song of Blades supplement, not a stand alone book... Ideally this should be in the e-shops for Christmas.

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