mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Our Kickstarter is halfway through and we can show the sculpt for MATANAGAR.

This model was specifically designed for those who wanted a more ‘monstrous’ and dangerous looking fungus monster for your role playing and wargames. He is big and imposing and has no clothes or weapons, just pure fungine brutality.

 Matanagar is included free with Lord of Fungus pledges and above, but you can add-on as many copies as you like ($5.00 per copy). Matanagar is 40mm tall.

 Here you can see a few of the miniatures sculpted so far, on their slot-bases.

 This is the deadly Amazon Fungus, seen here in a dynamic pose. As you read this, a draft of the rules PDF is ready and will soon be sent to backers.

 We have also revealed many stretch goals for the campaign. Cavalry! The most popular, based on the comments, seem to be our pillbug riding fungus: The pillbug will be sculpted in two poses, one for riding (but the rider can be removed and the pillbug used as a monster) and one in coiled up form (it has a special ability called Conglobation that allows him to become near-invulnerable at the expense of mobility.

 This is the special pig-riding halfling truffle hunter that will be available as an add on if we reach 200 backers, no matter how much they pledge, so spread the news, send the link to anyone who might be interested and help us making Fightin' Fungi a reality.

martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Here's our first kickstarter, Fightin' Fungi This is stand-alone Song of Blades and Heroes variant which includes: 1) Weapon and armor rules 2) Detailed spell system with over 30 spells 3) Stats and new traits for four factions of Mushroom men 4) white metal, 28mm miniatures of fungi folk (mushroom people) with a mix of humanoid types with weapons, and unarmored, monstrous types. The first seven are already sculpted. We already met basic funding and are working towards our second stretch goal! The new rules are backwards compatible with SOBH, and many figures can be used in MDRG as mutant fungi. The rules will be a 90+ page, 6x9 inches full color PDF and paperback book. Pledgers will receive an unedited copy before the end of the kickstarter, so that they can comment, ask for clarifications and suggest new features before the book is printed. Please check the Kickstarter below and help us! If this gets funded, we have plenty of ideas for expanding Song of Blades and Heroes and bringing new figures on the market. And even if you cannot chip in, you can still help by sharing the link on your social media (G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc). We arev already a Kickstarter Staff pick! Thanks! Andrea Sfiligoi (Artist/designer on Fightin' Fungi) Damon Richardson (Kickstarter Manager for Ganesha Games)

venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Ganesha Games New Site

Ganesha Games has a new home on the net:

We will slowly copy all the information from our blogs there. This blog will remain active but please buy products from our official site.

giovedì 19 novembre 2009

blog for a Song of Deeds and Glory Campaign is a blog just opened by some SBH players in Anoka, Minnesota. It's a large group playing at Village Games.

giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

Song of Deeds and Glory PDF available

Song of Deeds and Glory is an expansion for the popular Song of Blades and Heroes miniatures rules. It features all the rules and guidelines needed to run extended campaigns, taking warriors from green recruits to grizzled veterans. Now players can send their warbands on the path to conquest and carve out their own territories!

This book includes rules such as:

Territories: own land, defend it from usurpers, or launch raids on your neighbors
Scenarios: a multitude of new combat situations
The aftermath of battle: will your heroes live or be horribly crippled?
Exploration: find strange and useful treasure and visit exotic, dangerous locales
Shopping: use your warband's hard-earned gold to purchase the finest gear or hire the services of experts
Development: watch your characters grow as they survive new battles. Boost their stats, train them in new skills, or send them on personal quests
Special rules: 15 exciting new powers such as Immortal, Enchanter, and Illusionist
Rosters: 36 new creatures such as the Minotaur Skeleton, the Dwarf Gunner, Insectoids, Automatons, and the powerful Kryxxtendrella, Queen of Dragons!

The 40 pages pdf is available for $8 directly from me as emailware ( or as a download from wargamevault

It will soon be available on sabersedge and wargamedownloads.

The print version will be available in the next few days. Check this space!

mercoledì 17 giugno 2009

This is Ganesha's program at Origins 2009 (Columbus, OH, June 24th to 28th). Make sure you come at our tables if you attend, and please vote for our Song of Drums and Shakos napoleonic skirmish rules in the Best Historical Miniature Rules award. All our events are ongoing -- short scenarios repeated during the day, so check the Origins guide for details and hours.

Wednesday and Thursday
Fear and Faith demo game. Zombie survivors must recover a crate of grenades in a zombie-infested area.

Song of Drums and Shakos demo game. A meeting engagement near a village.
The SDS scenario will be repeated every day with different forces.

Wednesday Night:
Playtest game of Tales of Blades and Heroes, the RPG based on SBH.

Multiplayer Mutants and Death Ray Guns scenarios (two, one ran by Ganesha and another by another GM)
SDS meeting engagement scenario.
Tales of Blades and Heroes playtest in the night.

Saturday and Sunday
"Song of Blades for Dummies", an introductory scenario aimed at new players;
SDS meeting engagement.

Also remember that there will be other SBH and MDRG tables in the miniature hall, and that Splintered Light Miniatures will be demoing Song of the Splintered Lands.

See you there!

lunedì 1 giugno 2009

Song of the Splintered Lands available at Origins!

SONG OF THE SPLINTERED LANDS, a supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes joint-produced by Ganesha Games and Splintered Light Miniatures, will be available as a printed book at Splintered Light Miniatures' booth at Origins 2009 (Columbus, OH, June 24th-28th). The author John McBride will run games of SSL every day.

The book includes:

Campaign Rules for two different rebellion scenarios and for
building and defending a ‘strategic hamlet” in disputed territory;

More Fog of War with rules for variable strength warbands
and variable missions with dummy markers and scouting;

Cultural Background for the Druid’s Wyldewood, the dwarves of
Mountain Home, and the goblin races of Moonglade;

New Races including the Druid’s Children -- talking and tool-using
animal species including hares, hedgehogs, moles, shrews, squirrels,
foxes, and others;

New Special Rules including scouting, deafness, ballistas, beasts of war and bodyguards;

New Terrain, particularly defensive works of wood and dirt including
ditches, stockades, and log buildings;

And More!

Kid friendly, this is a great game system for father/son (or parent/child) gaming. Prizes for all participants.